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What have you stumbled across? A book published as a website.


The website is actually a monograph, the sort of text that would usually be published as a physical book.  It is a philosophical inquiry into the moral and aesthetic values that surround fashion, and in particular how the business of fashion touches upon matters of justice and religion.


The book is an argument between philosophers who think positively about fashion – David Hume and Adam Smith – and their critics, who range from anarchists to theologians, and even popes.


I hope intellectuals, the fashionable, and managers active in the trade of fashion will find lots to think about here but also models for how business in fashion can operate justly. The book takes fashion seriously as a tremendous venture in ideas but also aims to be practical, offering a series of moral issues faced by the business of fashion and a range of values and practices that can develop adequate responses.


The monograph touches upon a lot of topics but there are all sorts of issues I do not discuss: hence, the blog.  The book chapters do not change but every few days as I come across new and morally interesting developments in the fashion industry I make a blog post.


If anything in the book strikes you especially, I hope you might leave a comment and explain.


The website is dedicated to a stylish Uncle and Aunt, Harry and Colette McAleer: a Scotsman and a French woman who finally settled in London and lived in that great city with flair.


Hope you enjoy the read,

Graham McAleer

July 2016

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