Luxury’s most important political role?

Articles abound about the political meaning of clothes worn on certain occasions or the political significance of words on some jackets.  Such reflection is certainly appropriate but reading this excellent piece by Joel Kotkin ( deepens our understanding of the political role luxury fashion might play.   V&R Chapter 1 assesses David Hume’s argument about…

Target’s design logic x Shaftesbury

Much-loved at V&R is this quote from Lord Shaftesbury: “There is a power in numbers, harmony, proportion and beauty of every kind, which naturally captivates the heart and raises the imagination to an opinion or conceit of something majestic and divine.”   Much-loved because, I think, true.  V&R has documented examples of its truth before…

Happy second birthday to V&R

V&R launched July 2016 so it’s birthday time!  Many thanks to all readers.  Last year V&R was running about 400 visitors per month and now nearly 600.  Quite the improvement.   I want to especially thank Dr. Christopher Wojtulewicz for his guest blogging.  Chris is an outstanding theorist and his posts reflect that.   Thank…

Fashionable managers at World Cup

A witty piece by The Daily Telegraph:   But is Paul Tisdale of Exeter City FC the most fashionable manager on the planet?  A younger English man in a flat cap: cool, indeed.   Not a football manager but Tommy does it best:

Aurel Kolnai on privilege

V&R Chapter 7 uses Kolnai to inquire into the morality of both luxury and fast fashion.   Over at Law & Liberty, I have a post on Kolnai’s thought overall and give examples to back up his claim that hierarchy and privilege is not merely found in establishment but ordinary pursuits:

Footie fashion

Lovely vintage feel to the 2018 World Cup poster.  Evokes the cool Art Deco original from the 1930 Uruguay World Cup.   Here’s a good article on the current intersection of footie and fashion:   Now, how will England do?

H&M wants to castrate you: H&M’s fashion mirror x Lacan

H&M’s latest is an interactive mirror that takes pictures of you and also offers fashion suggestions.  The business idea is to integrate being in a shop and digital sales.  Just watch the video embedded in the article for the idea:   It is an interesting example of conservatism in fashion.  Psychoanalytically, the mirror reaffirms the…